Lazy Dungeon Master

Type: Webnovel
Author: Onikage Spanner
Translator: Ziru’s Musings
Completely Translated? No
Last update: Volume 09 - Chapter 93
Description:  “I don’t want to work.” Masuda Keima responded with that… it seemed that Kami-sama’s offer wasn’t tempting enough. Amazed, Kami-sama saw him off saying, “I’ll hope for the next person,” leaving Keima to be summoned. A blonde-haired loli calling herself Dungeon Core No. 695 was the one that summoned him. Although he then became the dungeon master by going with the flow… hold up, this dungeon only has one room and is occupied by bandits…? Can Keima overcome this sudden checkmate situation and obtain a life where he can indulge in his laziness while not working at all!?

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I love using epubs to read novels, so thank you dotnovel for all epubs and I really love the format of your epubs~~ :) thank you so much

here is the ldm epub for the latest chapter 145.
I just copied the format of dotnovel epub, change title, generate toc then completed until the latest chapter for each vol. still credits for dotnovel.