Kyuuketsu Hime wa Barairo no Yume o Miru

Type: Webnovel
Author: Sasaki Ichiro
Translator: MadoSpicy TL / Tony Yon
Completely Translated? No
Last Update: Chapter 2 - Interlude 3
Description: I had expected to die in an accident, but instead I woke up as my vampire princess character from “Eternal Horizon Online”. It turns out that I, along with my assets, territories, and my pets from the game were all transferred to a similar world. When fighting around, I was clearly in a higher position than my followers who are stronger than me. Due to these circumstances, I also had no choice but to reign as the ‘me’ in the game. In addition, demons, beasts, and even the demi-humans of this world turned to follow me as well, and before I realized it I had established a huge empire. Furthermore, mysterious enemies appeared, and caused me trouble to no end…!

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