EPUB: Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 345

Tuesday, November 08, 2016 1

Description: Jiang Chen was once the strongest Saint underneath the heavens. He cut through the skies and broke the door that led to the Gates of Heaven, opening up a new path for the Saints of the Saint Origin continent. But, he depleted his last drop of blood in the fight and died at the Saint Cliff. 100 years later, he was reborn into the body of Jiang Chen, a useless good-for-nothing noble. He had already walked the road to the top once, now he needed to do so again. Only this time, he has knowledge far surpassing anyone else in this world. Come watch as Jiang Chen once again walks a road filled with the blood of his enemies and those who oppose him, settling for nothing but the top.

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Just finished reading it :D it was very good. If it wasn't for this site i could have missed a good novel thank you😙