EPUB: Knights & Magic - Volume 01, 02 and 03

Sunday, June 26, 2016 8

Description: A young man from Japan passed away after a traffic accident. His soul was reincarnated in an alternate world into the body of a pretty young boy Ernesti Echevarria with his memories intact. Influenced by his hobby from his previous life, Eru is a 'robot nerd' in this life too. He meets the giant humanoid battle robots in this world -- Silhouette Knights. The elated Eru started a series of plans in order to pilot the robots. He drags his childhood friend in this world along as he messes around in this world to satisfy his desire for robots.

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Thank you very much!!👍😄now I have better versions!!


It's a boy, that look like a girl, it's actually not a girl that have a third leg.