EPUB: God and Devil World - Book 02 - Chapter 270

Monday, May 02, 2016 1

Description: In an instant it was the end of the world. Zombies, and variation of monsters rampage through the world, in which the humans struggle for survival. Yue Zhong in these last days of hard struggle, it is very difficult to survive. When Yue Zhong and his team went through so many ordeals of dealing with zombies and monsters was able to regain the country, before he suddenly discovered that he only got over the first hurdle. World full of nuclear radiation, mutants, mutated beast, extreme shortage of supplies in the world after a nuclear explosion, rampaging dinosaurs, the dinosaurs has develop intelligence and occupied the world, and powerful races appeared that was 10 times stronger than humans. Normal bullets cannot penetrate their body. The orcs ruler has enslaved humans. Placing in him such an absolute vulnerable world, Yue struggle towards evolution. *The world has now turned into a game. A game by a strange God, or is it the Devil? Everyone now has stats and level. Even monsters are dropping items, skills, and weapons.

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How long do i need to wait before this novel is updated? 1 year? 2,4,10 years? Update please....