EPUB: Conquest - Arc 02 - Chapter 100

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Description: A powerful minister who does not seek to usurp the throne is not qualified to become a powerful minister … “One day my face will be printed on the imperial gold coin!” – Shaar Thunder In the south of the continent was the old but powerful empire – Byzantium. In the north was the Odin Empire and in west the Island country Atlantis. These three Kingdoms formed a triangle on the continent. In the buffer zone between the borders of the three countries – In the wilderness of the primal wildfire– was a youth of unknown origin– Shaar, a child who was adopted by an old man who was the descendant of the Tulip family. Under the strange training of this old guy, Shaar mastered a pair of amazing skills. After the old man died, Shaar started to climb the hierarchy from a “hillbilly” through a journey of magic and conquest!

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