Type: Webnovel
Author: Kanekiru Kogitsune
Translator: Japtem / Re:Translations / Re:Monster Wikia
Completely Translated? No
Last update: Volume 07 - Chapter 38
Description: Tomokui Kanata has been re-incarnated into the weakest race, goblin, and given a new name, Rou, after having undergone an unfortunate death. However goblin Rou has retained his previous life's memories, an unusual evolution, as well as blessed with ability to gain status boosts from eating.In this alternate world of survival of the fittest, events unfold. Will a goblin party become the heroes of this world, in a delightful twist from your usual scenario?

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5 Comments for "Re:Monster"


Please update, volume 8 is out


Oh and could you add the gaiden as well?


I checked and it is not. =/

Some texts are not complete and others are still google translated.


The Gaidens are not completely translated, but I read that some of them have been incorporated into the days areas (Example: Day 68's sidestory with the female knight).