Evil God Average

Type: Webnovel
Author: Kitaseno Yunaki
Translator: Oniichanyamete
Completely Translated? Yes
Last update: Finished
Description: When she stands, she’s like a white peony. When she sits, she’s like a tree peony. When she walks, she’s like a lily flower. And when you look her in the eyes, she’s like the Great King of Terror. Despite having the qualities to be a peerless bishoujo, because of the look of her eyes and that atmosphere of hers, she’s feared by others; such a girl is forcefully sent to another world. Being told that she would be granted a wish as a special favour, the girl made a wish──── “Make my eyes and atmosphere normal please.” This is a story recounting the lifestyle in a parallel world of a girl who would be perfect (probably) if just her one weakpoint was overcome. A fantasy comedy with magic, dungeons, and a hero and demon king(candidate) who she gets tangled up with. She’s cursed though.

Original Story can be found here: http://mypage.syosetu.com/556653/

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